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Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

Stray Aid is committed to the implementation of pro-active measures to help protect and sustain the local, national and global environment for future generations.

The directors recognise the impact of the company’s operations on the environment and aim to minimise any detrimental effects that may occur.

Stray Aid seeks excellence in every aspect of its business and is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of its business operations.

Environmental Aims

  1. Fully comply with current legislation and regulations and to take a proactive approach to future legal requirements and obligations
  2. Ensure that everyone within Stray Aid recognises their duty of care for the environment, its habitats and biodiversity
  3. Educate and train all members of staff in environmental issues and good working practices in order to create an energy-efficient and environmentally aware working culture
  4. Encourage our employees and volunteers to work in an environmentally-responsible manner
  5. Establish an active environmental committee consisting of employees from all levels to review ideas and working methods and to help to deliver improvements in environmental standards
  6. Seek to conserve natural resources by ensuring the responsible use of energy, water and materials whilst still providing the quality of service expected by our community
  7. Measure performance and set objectives that will be regularly visited with the aim of continual improvement by reducing, re-using or recycling in areas such as water consumption, waste materials and energy conservation
  8. Gain support from our customers and ensure they are made aware of our environmental policy
  9. Source products that have minimal environmental impact. These include items such as packaging and recyclable or biodegradable products
  10. Endeavour to source services and products locally and utilise suppliers who use raw materials from sustainable sources
  11. Work with our suppliers and contractors to make sure they are aware of our policy and that they have compatible policies for managing their impact on the environment
  12. Regularly conduct reviews to ensure that Stray Aid’s operations remain compliant with this policy, and to set or revise targets to ensure continual improvements for the future
  13. Arrange for additional audits to be conducted by external providers to identify specific opportunities to reduce consumption or improve processes
  14. Provide all of our employees and volunteers with the information, instruction and training necessary to fulfil this policy

Environmental Objectives

  • Replacement of lamps with low energy versions
  • Fitting of motion sensors, time clocks and dusk to dawn sensors on all lights where appropriate
  • Computers etc. to be turned off when not in use
  • New equipment purchased is to be A rated and maintained regularly to ensure it is still energy efficient
  • Regular environmental and energy meetings to bring in new achievable ideas
  • Designated person to be aware of all current campaigns and issues, and to ensure that staff and volunteers are complying with current policies
  • Paper, cardboard, glass etc is recycled

Local produce is purchased wherever possible to reduce the amount of travel for our suppliers and to sustain local businesses.

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