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Council Found Dogs

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The dogs below are in the care of the local councils and are not available for rehoming.

Dogs shown in this section have been found straying by a dog warden or a concerned member of the public. Your dog has been brought to the County Pound at Coxhoe because:

  • It was out unaccompanied, not wearing an identity disc (which is required under the Environmental Protection Act 1990), or,
  • It was not possible for the finder to contact you on the details available at the time, or,
  • Your dog has been collected as a stray before.


All dogs brought to the council pound kennels are photographed on arrival and given a unique reference number. Please use this reference number when making enquiries regarding reclaiming your dog. We are unable to discuss council dogs with anyone other than the owner. 

The dogs are checked for any obvious injuries and held for at least 7 days. During this time an owner should collect their dog from the council’s facility as soon as possible. You can collect your dog from the pound between 8am and 6pm, seven days a week (excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) Although the council will make all possible efforts to locate the owner, no responsibility will be accepted if the dog is not collected during this period.

Please note, residents of County Durham (NOT currently Hartlepool or Middlesbrough) are now subject to additional measures. A new Public Space Protection Order has been brought in for County Durham. If you would like to learn more about how these new practices may affect you, please follow this link: 

The council operates a non-destruct policy and in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 all dogs seized as strays by the council will become the property of the council after they have been kept for a mandatory period of 7 days and remain unclaimed by the owner. The dog will be rehomed on behalf of the council by the charity and the previous owner will have no legal claim to it. Any proceeds from the sale of this dog will be used by the charity to subsidise the service provided to the public on behalf of the council. Stray Aid makes every effort to rehome as many dogs as possible and will not destroy a rehomeable dog.

If you believe you are the owner of one of these dogs, please contact us on 0300 9994247, quote the dog’s unique reference number and leave your contact details.

What you need to bring in order to assist us in returning your dog;

  • Photographic Identification:   Photo card driving licence, passport, bus pass etc.
  • One proof of current address (less than 3 months old):   Utility bill, rent book, council tax bill etc. 
  • Proof of ownership: Purchase receipt, photographs of the dog in your own home or with your family, vaccination/vet record, up to date microchip details etc
The following charges will be made and have to be paid in full, in cash, together with any veterinary fees incurred during your dog’s stay before the dog can be returned to the owner:
  • 0-1 day: £25 mandatory council fine + 1 x £10.00 kennel fee                Total fee: £35.00
  • 2 dates: £25 mandatory council fine + 2 x £10.00 kennel fee                Total fee: £45.00
  • 3 dates: £25 mandatory council fine + 3 x £10.00 kennel fee                Total fee: £55.00
  • 4 dates: £25 mandatory council fine + 4 x £10.00 kennel fee                Total fee: £65.00
  • 5 dates: £25 mandatory council fine + 5 x £10.00 kennel fee                Total fee: £75.00
  • 6 dates: £25 mandatory council fine + 6 x £10.00 kennel fee                Total fee: £85.00
  • 7 dates: £25 mandatory council fine + 7 x £10.00 kennel fee                Total fee: £95.00

 Please note we do not accept credit or debit cards, and no longer accept cheques.

If you feel that the fine has not been applied correctly, and you wish to appeal against the council fine, please contact:

  • Durham County Council Education and Enforcement Manager on 03000 260000 
  • Hartlepool Council Waste and Environmental Services on 01429 523358 
  • Middlesbrough Environmental Services on 01642 726001                                                                                                 
Due to changes in microchipping legislation in April 2016, all dogs over 8 weeks old must be microchipped, the details must be correctly registered and kept up to date. If your dog is not curretly microchipped, please enquire on how we can help.
NB. It is an offence under the Control of Dogs Order 1992 for a dog to be in a public place without a collar and tag with the owner’s name and address on it, even when the owner is in charge of the dog. If your dog does not have a collar and tag, you can be prosecuted and fined up to £5000. The owner commits this offence even if the dog has a microchip.


Council Found Dogs


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