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Happy Endings

Below are some stories about our successful rehomings, if you have rehomed one of our animals and would like to let us know how they are settling in, please drop us an email at: and we'll put it up here on the site! Images are great, but not necessary.

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Double Trouble? Or Better together?

Thank you SO much to everyone at Stray Aid for giving us two perfect pups! Daisy and Henry love each other so much and are getting on really well with their training! They also like to have a little nap together after a long walk. Thanks again for all your help introducing them, we'll come back and visit you soon. Lots of love and puppy kisses from Daisy & Henry

Not Quite a Lady...

Another happy Gotch'a day to celebrate! Lady was adopted by Niki and her family a year ago, and wow that year has been so hard for her, adjusting to a new home has taken Lady longer than most, she has struggled but Niki and her family have helped her every step of the way, comforting and supporting her the whole time. Its really been worth it, she's become a wonderful addition to the family and I'm sure we can now look back and laugh at the sleepless nights and chewed carpets. Perhaps its a bit to soon to laugh...

Happy Gotch'a Day!

Its exactly a year since the beautiful Kodi moved to her new family. The beautiful staffie has sent us a photo of her now and the day she arrived at Stray Aid, for looking back always helps you appreciate how far you've come. Best wishes for the future Kodi!

Traveling Pooch

Jester was just like any stray, a very handsome boy, young with a lot to offer. Easy to rehome. Gemma and her family adopted the beautiful pooch, now calling him Earl. However big changes came around a year later, the family were to move to the other side of the world, Australia! So what would happen to Earl? He would go with them of course! Earl would become the very first Stray Aid dog to live abroad! What a fantastic thought for a small charity. 

A letter from Cosmo

He`s already the heart and soul of our family, loved and enjoyed by all he meets, and is unrecognisable from the underweight timid little boy who at 1st clung to us nervously, hesitated at meal times and didn`t know how to play with toys. Cosmo`s confidence has increased greatly, finishes every meal and plays enthusiastically throughout the house and garden. He`s such a loving dog full of character, he even squeaks with excitement at the site of his lead before enjoying a long walk topped off with a nap on his favourite armchair. 
Thanks again to all the good work you do at Strayaid.
From Jean, Claire and John Hall.

Take me Home

Ziva spent a very long, very depressing seven months in kennels. Staffies struggle to cope in a kennel environment, they want to be with people and Ziva was no exception. She attended many Stray Aid events hoping her forever family might find her there, but allas no. Finally a couple came looking for a family member, they met Ziva and as fate would have it, they loved her! Now a happy member of the family Ziva has become part of everything, holidays, daily activities and next year she's getting a baby human for a brother or sister! The couple love Ziva so much, they let their family pet break the happy news to their family and friends! How beautiful :) 

Penny for your heart?

During the busy Christmas period we had lovely Rapunzel arrive, Michelle and her husband had been looking for a collie to join their family, however when they saw Rapunzel they thought perhaps it was worth meeting her. Their current collie and terrier loved Rapunzel as much as they did, so off she went, a new name, Penny and a lovely new home! 

Lucy finds Love

Lucy had been with us for quite a long time before the right people found her. That dark face and dark eyes don't show very well in a photo, but Dan and his family were willing to take a chance and meet her, sparks flew and it had to be! Lucy has now decided she's a lap dog who may need a little extra lap in order to fit! However being uncomforable on your knee (such a hardship!) is far better than still waiting for a family from her kennel. 

Buster saves the world!

You wouldn't think that Buster was just settling down for the evening after his bath, instead he looks about ready to battle evil and save the world! What a fantastic towel / cape accessory he has. I think I'd like one! 

Fantastic Turbo!

Who would have thought that little old Turbo (Right) would find such a wonderful home with a like minded old staffie friend. Now he can happily live out his golden years with company that enjoys the same things he does, a good snooze, soaking in the sun, nice spot of lunch and a lovely snoring match in the evenings.


Little Lexi

Big dogs and 'bull type' breeds are our hardest to rehome. That certainly wasn't the case for Lexi here, she had very little trouble charming Allan into taking her home, and obviously you can see she's loving life and looks fantastic! 

A Home at Last

Forrest is a handsome man, but being on the older side he found it hard to draw in potential adopters. During Stray Aid's Durham Collection day Forrest managed to impress a family! The family came to the centre the next day, after much consideration to add Forrest to their family! 


Best Bud Bruce

Bruce set asside his terrier nature to befriend his new owner's cats, earning him a forever home with mum Angela. His cute little face won him a chance but his good manners and friendly attitude helped him earn a loving home. Obviously strays make the best dogs! 

Mighty Mouse

Mouse impressed the kennel staff with his tiny, squeaky bark hence earning the name 'Mouse' now adopted he's gained a lot of confidence and earned the name 'Ted' a bit more manly, but still a big soft teddy bear! Ted has become the proud family member with a family with children and another dog to play with. 

Good Boy Fly!

You may have seen Fly's face on a 'lost dog' poster last year. After being adopted Fly did a fast dissapearing act, almost a week he was missing! Obviously he's improved his behaviour and gone on to win some rosettes like a good boy.

A Match Made in Heaven

Keeta was adopted by volunteer Lisa just after the new year, Keeta was shy and unhappy during walks especially, the world was such a frightening place for her. During Stray Aid's participation in the Great North Dog Walk Keeta met Buddy, a current Stray Aid baby. It was love at first sight for the two beautiful Akitas and Lisa couldn't deny their love, she adopted Buddy and his influence has helped Keeta become a happier more outgoing pup! 

Mini little Max

Little Max (previously Maxi) well settled into his home, everyone fell for that adorable little face, so pleased to see him looking so angelic, obviously a wonderful poser!

 Heel Parker!
Cheeky little Parker found the perfect home when Obedience instructor Mechelle adopted him into her home of Curly Coat Retrievers. Still proving a challege this lad now lives as lord of the manor ruling it over his pedegree pals. 

Tess goes North!

Another Stray Aid dog joins the family. Beautiful Tess was adopted today by my Mum and Sister. She's an absolute star lovely natured too. My Nephew was thrilled when he got her to sit with a treat.

King of the Countryside!

Just 4 months ago Egon wouldn't go through a gate, in the water or over a stile.... Now he's king of the countryside! He can't wait to say 'hello' to all the lovely volunteers who looked after him tomorrow at the Hardwick Show and is hoping for a few cuddles xx


Sleepy Raven?

Alfie (formerly raven) is definitely settled in now. Honestly couldn't have found a more perfect dog for us!! Thanks again guys!

Everyone's Favourite Buddy!

Everyone loves Buddy and he certainly lives up to his name by being everyone's best buddy! This handsome staffie is the perfect representative for the breed, showing what fantastic, loving pets these misunderstood dogs can be with a bit of love and patient understanding! 

 Happy Adoption Day Lacey!

A year ago today we brought Molly (was Lacey) home! Thank you Stray Aid for all you do. We can't imagine life without her!

Roman makes it Home

After three unsuccessful attempts at a new home poor Roman finally found happiness with walking volunteers Angela and Chris and their son Jack. Roman took no time at all to become a much loved member of the family! :)

Maggie's Happy Retirement

Little old Maggie can in as a thin stray, with multiple tumours and being the ripe old age of 17/18 she's been given only a few months to live. The volunteer that received her the night she was found has then taken her on. She's full of love and life and is loves her new brothers! 

Crash - Now known as Ollie

This is Ollie formally Crash we rescued him yesterday! My mam and son Lee absolutely love him! He has settled into his forever home nicely! We have renamed him Ollie! They lost there dog Lucy 2 months ago after having her 14 years! Thank you to Dave Clarke who recommended your charity!

You have made 2 people extremely happy - not forgetting Ollie! 



Thank You from Megan

Hi Megan here.

I thought as everyone seemed so fond of me that I would send a quick note to let you know how well and happy I am. I've settled into my new home so well it's like I've been here forever, Riley's nose was a bit out of joint for a couple of days but I soon won him round and he's just a pushover now.
I've been nicknamed 'Megan the Minx' because of my antics when we get left in the house alone, good job it's not very often!! As soon as my mum goes out, as well as managing to open the drawer where the dog treats were kept, I'm straight up on the kitchen worktops scavenging for whatever I can find, there used to be a lovely red tin with a plastic lid (a doddle to chew off) which was full of chocolate bars, but spoilsports don't keep it out any longer - I suppose they don't want any vets bills.

There's a dog walking paradise a few minutes walk from my new home, there's fields, a big hill which we climb up through the trees to and lots of tracks to run round and burn up my energy. My mum says it's worth putting up with my mischief to see the pleasure on my face when I'm charging up and down with my new friends Bailey, Sam and Fern to name a few.

So thank you very much for looking after me and helping to find me a lovely new home and a new owner who spoils me rotten and loves me to pieces.


Benson Comes to Call

Lovely Benson came to visit us. A week ago he was adopted and in that week he's settled in really well! 

Tessa, now Binky and her best pal!


Some photos taken of Binky over the last few weeks..


She’s settled well into country life, has 3 walks every day, eats 4 small meals and has a new haircut.  My Labrador adores her and they play for hours on end.


She has a forever home with us


 Best Wishes



 Sasha Finds Love

The beautiful Sasha finally found love in the form of a Collie and his family. The beautiful Lloyd came with his parents looking for a friend to share his home after his previous companion of many years had passed away. Sasha and Lloyd made a quick connection and of course he wanted to take her home, parents agreed and away she goes! Well done! 

Prince Claude

An update from the stunning Claude, adopted in March, the lady that found him straying had fallen so much in love that as soon as he was ready to adopt she came back for him. Claude is not much loved and at a much better weight, he'll never know what it's like to be alone again thanks to his new mummy!

Dougie, now Sooty has visitors!

Dougie/Sooty (Little ginger boy) and friends playing happily in the garden. He is a little
treasure, now settled in and enjoying life with Sweep, Soo, and Chip who is
here on his hols!
Why would anyone buy from breeders when such lovely dogs need homes?
Keep up the good work. You are all amazing!



China goes home!

China was with us a long 7 months before she finally found her new home. Edward and his wife came to meet China multiple times over 3 days, taking her for walks and spending a lot of time with her. They learned about her loveable qualities and a few of her naughty behaviours, but despite seeing her bad side they fell in love with her good side and took a chance on taking her home. A few weeks down the line and they have not been disappointed! China has settled and loves her new mummy and daddy, at last she's out of kennels and where she belongs! 

 Clark... Clark

The Clark family came by one afternoon to see about adding a new family member to their home. Quickly they spotted Clark, a 3 Year old Saluki Lurcher who already shared their family name. Obviously fate had left this boy in kennels for 3 months awaiting their arrival. No more kennels for this boy, he's found a place to call his own.

Lottie's Happy Ending

Lottie settled lovely in her new home. Lets hope this young lady enjoys many years of love in her forever home! 

Jenson's Happy Ending


Update from Dexter (formally Jenson)


It's been 3 months since I found my forever home. I've settled right in, I'm now fully house trained, my recall is well practised and my tail won't stop wagging! I've become the best of friends with the littlest human (more so since he learnt to open the cupboard where my treats are kept!) I'm a happy pooch and everyone is always saying how good I am, and so handsome! Thank you Stray Aid for helping me find my forever family, licks and woofs, Dexter x

Loony Luna finds a home

New best mates!! Luna and Alfie!! Couldn't ask for friendlier dogs

Cher and her Sonny

Cher (Formerly Francine) and her new brother Sonny adore each other! 

Finlay's Happy Ending

Finlay (Formerly Hamish) has passed his obedience class with flying colours! Well done puppy!

Poppy's Happy Ending

Poppy living it up in her new home, a lovely happy ending for the pretty lady with a new pal to play with. POppy is loving going for walks with her new owners and her new brother, enjoying her new life to the fullest! 

Griffin becomes Jasper

Just an update with some photos of Jasper (Re Griffin) hes getting bigger each week hes lovely & now loves walking were before I had to drag him up the road he just loves it now hes so good in the car he is filling out a bit now were as on the photos you can see his ribs but now his tummy is getting a bit bigger so his legs are in comparison with his tummy now. 

Regards Sue & Jasper 

Evie moves to Scotland!

Just to let you all know Evie has settled well in Fife and there have been no mistakes in the house. She loves her walks with Georgie and sleeps in her tartan bed next to mine. Will keep you posted about her. Norma, Georgie and Evie, Fife Scotland

Jill reaches new heights in her new home

Here's our Lizzie (formerly Jill) hiking in the Lake District. Adopted in March, she's a total love and we're so lucky. Thanks to Stray Aid for helping us find such a match 

Big Bruce gets his Happy Ending

Here's the smiley face you all know and love, not quite so smiley as he know's he'll drop his ball otherwise! Bruce is still doing really well, and for those who were aware his stomach has settled too (until he steals fajita mix from the kitchen counter, luckily we all learned our lesson there and it hasn't happened since!)  We're still as smitten as day one but as promised I'm just checking in again to show you all how he was doing; I know he was well loved by you all  xx

Oscar's Happy Ending

Oscar has settled in better than we could have hoped. He even took himself to bed the first night!

 Muffin's Happy Retirement


This is Muffin aka Diva now.  




When I adopted her she was somewhat bedraggled, forlorn and and a little bit indifferent. After settling in on a cosy sofa and recovering from her dental treatment and operation, Muffin went to the doggie parlour for her shampoo and haircut. 




She is now totally settled with Maisie, my cockador, and me and is enjoying her retirement from long term breeding. She is a part of the household and a little gem. Thank you Hannah and Strayaid for uniting us.

Maisie's Happy Ending

Maisie arrived in a sorry state, she was thin and suffering from mange which left most of her body hairless. Since joining her new family she's made a wonderful recovery!

Just a very quick email to let you know how Maisie is getting on. She has settled in wonderfully and has even tried to shake hands with our old lurcher Jacob who looked bewildered, did an 'invention to play' back and then wandered off to his food bowl (his favourite place!).
She is a lovely natured dog and very keen to learn. She is still a little fearful of new situations but we are introducing her slowly to new places and people. When she realises there is nothing to be scared of, she is very affectionate and still very much into paw-shaking!
Her coat is getting darker with longer fur developing, but her front legs still have that fluffy new growth and she is happy to let me groom her coat with a soft brush.
She's eating very well too and we are feeding her morning, mid afternoon and evening. John reckoned her walking harness is getting a bit tighter,so she must be putting weight on too.
She is very good about being left with Jacob and Bronwyn at night and when we have to pop into town - I suspect she has lived with a group of dogs before.
Anyway, it's all good news and she has acquired several nicknames : Maise,  Maisicles, The Amazing Masiecles and Floss!!
All the best,

 Cassie The Collie

Hope you had a peaceful Christmas    Dad was at work Christmas Day night  so mum and i lovely long walk and  cuddled up to watch the rubbish on T.V.  I got a great chew stick but spoilsport mum would not let me have it all in one go  said  I might get an upset tum !  I think I am really cleaver to hold the chew like this.    Take care  lots of love   Cassie  and Anne & Cowie xxxxx

Cassie Collie

Chillie Update


Chilli has a full programme over the festive period as we can take him anywhere and he settles quietly.


His teeth were all sorted out some weeks ago so he is bouncing and loves to be out and about. His only downside, which is ‘dog aggression’ on first contact with another dog , is being addressed as I know how to counter it. He is perfect in dog classes now and won a prize last night for concentrating on his handler for the longest time (for treats) 25.8 seconds! The instructor was trying to distract him with a toy but food is his number one priority. He is in the office with us at the moment, snoring and twitching.


Best wishes

Angel's Happy Ending

Angel hasn't quite found her forever home yet, she's still waiting patiently with foster mum Christine, and loving every day of her life. If you'd like to offer Angel a home please get in touch with us. Here are some photos of Angel and her Foster brother, Ted. 




 Tasha's Happy Ending

Hi, here is a couple of photos of Tasha she is doing very well and it didn't take long for her to take the house over haha and one of ruby who died 2 weeks ago iwill keep you informed of Tasha.

See you soon,


Tasha's Happy Ending

Tasha's Happy Ending

Honour's Happy Ending

Whiskey jack here (honour),

I'm settled in my forever home and getting lots of love. My new owners are soft as clarts and feed me tasty food every day. My stretching and rolling makes them smile and we are all happy together. They even let me watch tv on the sofa. I've been very good in the house and not had any more accidents, i even let them clean my feet and dry my belly after our walks. My tummy is still sore and I'm not dancing just yet, but we have lots if visitors calling to fuss me. I'm getting much better with the cat and I'm just starting to remember my new name.There are lots of nice walks here and we visit the beach every other day. I have lots of time for sniffs and smells. Hopefully I will be visiting you this Wednesday to say hello to my friends. If I'm still coughing I'll let you know.

Cheerie pops.....Whiskey Jack

Rufus' Happy Ending

These are photos of Rufus. I brought him home middle of February, to join
me and Oscar who I rescued 6 years ago. Rufus was a bag of bones at first
and his breathing seemed to be quick and tense. He ate and drank like there
was no tomorrow, and demanded attention constantly.
I'm pleased to say that he is now quite settled, having put on weight, he's
breathing calmly and eats and drinks a lot slower. He loves to settle next
to me in the evening and sleeps on the pillow next to mine. He and Oscar
have regular play fights and tussles throughout the day and all our local
dog walkers think he's fab. Last photo is of Rufus checking out the
opposition at Crufts.

Thank you Stray Aid. Diane Robinson

Rufus Happy Ending

Rufus' Happy Ending

Archie's Happy Ending

This poor pup was just 12 weeks old when he was collected as a stray by the dog wardens. The baby lurcher was in obvious pain and following an x-ray by Wilsons veterinary group it was discovered the pup had a fractured tibia. The vets at Sheriffs Highway in Gateshead offered to mend the pup's leg with no cost to the charity, the dedicated vet nurse who fostered him during his re-cooperation also decided to adopt him! A happy ending all round!

Archie's Happy Ending

Sandy's Happy Ending

This is sandy now named rupert on his boat on lake windermere he, s really got his sealegs now and is a lovely dog (as well as a good sailor) should have said seapaws

Sandy's Happy Ending

Chillie's Happy Ending

Just to let you know that Chillie, who is now to be ‘Rufus’, had a good first night, with a bath before being shut in with the two grumpy cats without a squeak until I got up at 5.30am for him. Pic attached!

Chillie's Happy Ending

Chillie's Happy Ending

Daisy's Happy Ending

This is Ellie (you know her as daisy) she's settling in really well, she's a bit of a chewer though, my poor settee x

Mitch's Happy Ending

Mitch was waiting quite a long time before his happy ending came, Mitch had been in the kennels for over three months before the perfect family came to meet him, it was love at first sight and away he went! Well done Mitch :)

Our new addition Mitch. Tires already after a fun filled afternoon... He said hello to everyone at pets at home whilst we bought him loads of new goodies, he's played in the garden with the children and his new toys. Now chillaxing with jack having his coat brushed. It's like he's always been with us. Thank you so so much. Xx

Button's Happy Ending

Button, now Ozzy is settling very well. This characteristic dog was a favorite at the kennels for his energy and enthusiasm, this worked for his Lab loving owner who wasted no time in bringing her labs to meet him, everyone got along well and off went Ozzy to his new home!

Red's Happy Ending

Red, now Ruby worked her way into everyone's hearts, at the kennels she was sweet and loving and to one volunteer that earned her a home. Ruby now lives with a Stray Aid volunteer, her other dog and two cats! Well done Ruby 

Minnie's Happy Ending

Minnie now living the high life and gaining some weight after being adopted by the lady who found her. The lovely couple that saved Minnie from the streets fell so much in love with her that they were first in line to adopt her after she's waited for an owner to come forward.

Buzz's Happy Ending

Buzz catching some Zzzz's in his new home. He wasn't waiting long before a lovely lady snapped him up and took him home.

Digby's Happy Ending

Digby traveled all the way to Scotland to reach his forever home. The "Little" Family have offered this giant puppy a home for the rest of his life!

Dolly's Happy Ending

Lily (formerly called Dolly) has been with us for 9 days now and we love her very much. She has made herself right at home and this is one of her favourite spots as she can watch out of the window

Buster's Happy Ending

The lovely old staffie Buster found himself in the life of luxury too! 

Nina's Happy Ending

Nina has found herself a lovely home! Centre of attention and much loved

Rosie's Happy Ending

Rosie making herself at home already!

Jackson's Happy Ending

Well after a few attempts Jackson finally found the right home for him, he's really blossomed with his new family, their love and commitment is really showing!

Duke's Happy Ending

Duke has settled very well, matured beautifully and is has much improved from the nervous pup he was. Well done to his new family!

Buster's Happy Ending

Buster happy in his new home. 

Bailey's Happy Ending

Bailey the Beagle has settled in very well and made himself right at home!

Humphrey's Happy Ending

Humphrey has setted in well with his new family, clearly he's just another one of the boys!

Prince's Happy Ending

Prince settled in his new home. Good luck in the future Prince!

Sandy's Happy Ending

Sandy was adopted on christmas eve, she's very happy in her new home with her friends, Darkie the cat and Penny the staffie cross. 

Winston's Happy Ending

Winston very happy with his new family, children to play with and grown ups to walk him and take him jogging, a perfect life for a very happy boy!

Pheobe's Happy Ending

Here is Phoebe (Collie) in her new home with her Stray Aid foster brother Ted

Sparky's Happy Ending

We adopted Sparky 2 1/2 years ago from Stray Aid and have never looked back!

Sparky on the beach


Scamp's Happy Ending

this is scamp (now lexi) she has settled in really well, and is such a happy dog who likes nothing more than hugs and she loves licking u to death. thanks stray aid x

Scamp Happy Ending


Phoebe's Happy Ending

Here is Phoebe in her new home with her Stray Aid foster brother Ted

Phoebe's HappY Ending


Mabel Happy Ending

Its now 7 months since I adopted my new family. 
I have everyone well and truly wrapped around my paw, I spend my days snoozing on the sofa and my nights snuggled up on the big bed pinching all the duvet.
I just love my walks, and meeting lots of different dogs, especially playing chasey.

Mabel Happy Ending


Breeze's Happy Ending

This is Breeze who we've had for almost 4 yrs! He was a very thin chap when we got him but he's filled out now. He loves life and we love him dearly especially our Labrador Jack



Alfie's Happy Ending

Got alfie from you just over a year ago, wouldnt even look me in the eye! Now hes the cheekiest cutest baby ever! Hes like my shadow and hes so happy now

Alfie Happy Ending

Stan's Happy Ending

Hi guys just Stan here, I've been on a very long walk and I'm exhausted, kev and Terri have a huge back garden too and they have been out and bought me the most delicious treats, I'm trying my hardest to be good, they have asked me to give me them my paw and I can't for the life of me understand why they want my paw when they have their own, but if it gets me a yummy treat I'll keep doing it. well folks you have looked after me well and I'll be visiting soon when I go to see the nasty man who insists on putting that sharp needle in me. I hope all my friends meet a nice couple like I have. lick ya later x x x love Stan x x x

Stan HappyEning

Ollie's Happy Ending

Ollie has been enjoying his new home, the love and attention agrees with this happy fellow. Enjoy many more years to come Ollie!


Kimbo's Happy Ending

Kimbo all settled in her new home and enjoying the high life! Good girl Kimbo.


Carly's Happy Ending

Carly (Now Daizie) all settled into her new home with all the toys a dog could ever ask for. Well done princess!


Alfie's Happy Ending

Here is Alfie now settled and happy in his forever home! Good luck to you Alfie.


Peter's Happy Ending

Peter here. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say Hello and that I'm doing well. After been adopted by Phil and Vicky from Sunderland . We moved into a new house with a garden , where I can pop out for " fresh air" when I need some . I live walks alone the sea front where I get to run about with some new friends.

Peter Happy Ending

Molly's Happy Ending

Molly has settled in really well. She goes to the toilet in the yard. She loves cuddling up on the sofa. Had no trouble with her at all. She is very good out on walks. My boys think she is fantastic and are always in a rush to get home after school so they can see her. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. She's an absolute gem.

Molly Happy Ending

Morag's Happy Ending

Mitsey (previously Morag) seems very settled hehe


Akira's Happy Ending

Here is Akira settling in with the new best friend


Treacle's Happy Ending

Treacle formerly known as Tango has settled in very well & is now best friends with our other rescue dog Tyson. She has been hard work but its been well worth it.

Treacle's Happy Ending

Roxy's Happy Ending

Got my pup Roxy from Stray Aid and highly grateful. Roxy is a little gem 


Roxy's Happy Ending

Ziggy's Happy Ending

Hiya we got ziggy the lab from stray aid about a year ago and he is a great dog the kids love him and he makes them really happy thanks to stray aid we gav him a lovein home ziggy loves his walks and loves to jump in puddles we cant thank u enough for givin us ziggy love from the latimer family x

Ziggy's Happy Ending

Blossom's Happy Ending

Blossom has been with us for nearly 6 months now, since i failed dramatically at my first foster! 

And i'm so glad i did. She has made a friend for life in my other puppy deaf lugs (Archie). Blossom took the role of Archies carer, she will find him and lead him to people when we ask of her, and make sure he's never in any trouble. They are an inseparable pair and have a brotherly sisterly love.

Without each other they would be lost, and without the pair of them i would be too! She is everything i could ask for in a dog! 

She is gentle, loyal, cheeky, loving and full of energy.

Her first birthday will be celebrated with Archie at the beginning of April :)

Bloss has a home for life and i could never imagine my home without her now.



Vicky & Co.

Blossom's Happy Ending

Candy's Happy Ending

Hi just a brief update on Candy who we got a few years ago now, she has settled very well with our other pet jack russel Jack, she enjoys going for long country walks with Jack and to the beach playing with stick, she is very loving and is truly happy now in her new home.


Judith & Tony xx

Candy's Happy EndingCandy's Happy Ending

Rascal's Happy Ending

Hi. Thought I would let u know Rascal is settling in and getting to know snoopy who we also adopted from strayaid, fingers crossed they get on x

Rascal's  Happy Ending

Joey's Happy Ending

Thought you might like to see how Joey(re named Bailey) is getting on. We brought him home on 9th January and he has settled in really well. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He enjoys his walks and loves every dog we meet. His favourite toy is a sock, at first he didnt know how to play, but he is a quick learner and can give paw, beg and fetch. He is putting on weight and his hair is growing . He loves his cuddles and has brought lots of fun to our house.

Many thanks

Karen, Nick and Kate

Joey's Happy Ending

Tye's Happy Ending

Just wanted to let you know that Tye is settling in well to his new home. We're finding out bit by bit that he seems to know much more than he lets on at first and is definitely a very intelligent boy. 

We're pretty much agreed that we'll extend his name to Tyler, but will let you know.

Tye's Happy Ending

Frankie's Happy Ending

Here is a picture of Frankie enjoying his walk this morning. Sorry not posted any pics since adopting him in February. He has settled in great and gets on well with the rest of the gang. Thank you so much for letting us have this wonderful little dog.



Fly's Happy Ending

We adopted fly back in September 2012 and just to let you all know he's doing great! He settled in straight away and he's got his feet firmly under the table and get away with everything. Hes even managed to put a stone on since we got him but hes still a skinny minnie. We decided to keep the name fly as he responded well to it. Flys a typical ball obsessed collie and loves to be out with us all the time. He's still unsure of strangers and dogs but he's going to training classes to socialise and hopefully going to try him at flyball. Thanks StrayAid he's a great dog and couldn't imagine not having him.

Bramble's Happy Ending

We adopted Bramble on 22 January - so she has been with us for just over a month and fitted in extremely well at our house. She has such a good temperament and gets on well with other dogs and relative's young children. She travels all over with us in the car!

She has recently been professionally groomed and I attach before and after photos for your information!

Keep up the good work!!

Regards, Andrew & Carole Laverick

Bramble's Happy Ending


Tinker's Happy Ending

Dear Stray Aid

I am writing to express our extreme thanks to all of you on the team for your help in returning our stolen dog. Tinker was taken nearly three years ago, when she was just 3 months old from a locked pen in the farm yard. We were absolutely devastated and tried desperately to trace her, using the media, BASC, vets and a network of friends and family, but to no avail. We had bred her ourselves and she was very special to us.

As she is working strain we had her legally docked and hence micro chipped. We have all our other dogs micro chipped and would recommend that all dogs are micro chipped as a matter of course as you never know what may happen in the future. The only thing that we ask is that vets scan any new patients as a matter of course, as when Tinker was stolen we asked the question and found that most vets don’t scan new patients, only if an animal requires micro chipping or they have been found straying.

Tinker settled in the moment she arrived home, I think that she can remember us, and the other dogs, she certainly knew her way into the front room and the log fire! She was in need of lots of TLC and antibiotics and is now healing up well, although she is still quite fur less and scabby she is doing well and has a real sense of fun and mischief. It is so good to have her home at long last, all thanks to that tiny little microchip and people like you. Thank You.

Stan & Lindsay

Tinker's Happy Ending


Stevie's Happy Ending

Stevie's Happy Ending

Lucky Stevie was adopted by Volunteer Shirly after she fell head over heels in love with him after working with him in the kennels. His new life involves sleeping, eating, playing and sleeping.

Elijah's Happy Ending

Elijah's happy ending

Have attached picture of Elijah and Max when they got back from their first walk together. We went straight out. They seem to get on fine and Eli walks very well on the lead.
All the best,

Richard, Sarah, Joe, Sam, Max and Eli.

Mona's Happy Ending


One of Stray Aid's best smilers found themselves a home today. Well done Mona and good luck in your new home.

"A little pic of Mona who we rehomed earlier today. spoilt already n we will be recommending that anyone who has love to give to a dog not to buy a puppy n give a Stray Aid dog a chance instead.

Nicola Maughan"

Baggin's Happy Ending


Everyone remembers Baggins, the dog who'd been in several homes in his 7 years. Well he finally found his forever home!

"This Baggins but ive renamed him Chouji ( a japanse name)
one of the most HYPER dogs I've ever met , a hand full.
He loves teddy bears for some reason 

Jonathan Booth"

Snowy's Happy Ending


Hi we got snowy off you back in July. She now has a new name lily. She has
settled in very well and is now an established member of the family.
Enjoying getting in to my bed at night, when already having a xxxl bean bag
of her own for her bed.
She has a poorly leg at the moment but if off for an operation soon to get
it all fixed.
I am so please we came to visit you and brought home an absolutely gorgeous,
well behaved but mischievous dog

Many thanks
Donna x

Megan's Happy Ending


Here is a picture of megan very happy in her new home 

Rose Wardell

Riva's Happy Ending


Riva joined the family on the 02/12/12 & she is really settling in! All she asks for is lots of cuddles & as you can see she gets plenty of them.

Love from

Nicola James

Dizzy's Happy Ending


Hello to everyone at Strayaid - I thought you might like an update about Dizzy, the deaf cocker we adopted on
Firstly we've called her Ruby as she's a little gem ! She has settled so well , we feel as though we've had her forever. She loves her walks, toys and most of all her very own comfy chair in the conservatory . She has her mad moments as all young dogs do and she can be a cheeky little madam ( with me not her Dad ! ) but she has such a lovely nature and everyone loves her.
I've attached some photos so you an see how well she is.
Thanks to all the staff who look after these dogs , you do a wonderful job


Linda Edwards

Heny and Millie's Happy Ending

Henry and Millie

We got henry back in April this year his original name was "flint". We got Millie in August this year her original name was "Oreo". Millie and Henry have made great family pets and we are very pleased that they can be part of our family, the two have become the best of friends and enjoy going on long walks together. Thank you very much
Steven smith.

Jethro and Hettie's Happy Ending

Jethro and Hettie

 Jethro and Hettie 2

It's been about a month since we got two dogs from Stray Aid after a recommendation from a friend. We set out hoping to get a terrier of some sort and ended up taking a Border Collie called Jethro home! A handsome dog who won our hearts with his loving nature.
The next day I was looking at the site again and there was Hettie,a little Border terrier cross. Another trip to the shelter and we now have two dogs. We've gone Border mad!! While it's taken a few weeks for the dogs to settle down,new surroundings,new names-Jed and Floss, they now know there is plenty of love to go around for them both and with long walks,lots of interesting smells and new lessons to be learned,life is good for them. The main lessons are that cats,hens,horses and sheep are not to be chased! In Jed's case,it's in his breeding to work and I am slowly introducing him to the sheep we have,only thing he needs now are brakes!
All in all we couldn't be happier,and life is much fuller with our four legged friends.

Sammy and Jasper's Happy Ending

Sammy and Jasper

We have adopted both Sammy and Jasper (Mickey) from Stray Aid this year and as you can see they are the best of friends. A bit of an odd couple but they are inseparable. They have settled in well and we wouldn't be without them. They love playing in our big garden and walking for miles in the local countryside.
Carry on the great work. I would adopt them all but haven't got the space.
From a complete Searle Family

Rex's Happy Ending


Hi this is rex now he's so happy and full of trouble we adopted him on 19 th
of september. He's so loving and friendly and all my family love him to bits
and so do I thank you so much for all your help and all you have done, the
job you all do is fabulous and rewarding, rex is spoilt and rules the house,
thanks again Helen barker.

Treasure's Happy Ending


Here's Treasure a 10 year old staffie. She was rehomed from Stray Aid a few weeks ago. She's living proof that an older dog can make an excellent family pet, now living with two young children Treasure has made herself right at home and settled in lovely.

Oscar's Happy Ending


Here is the main man Oscar with his new family

Toby's Happy Ending


Toby has been with us for almost two weeks now and he has settled in wonderfully, he has been a fantastic addition to the family and he has made a special bond with all of us, in particular my four year old daughter Lily. He has been everything we hoped for and more, and we look forward to having him with us for many years to come.

 Logan's Happy Ending



Exactly two years ago I and my family have adopted Logan. Logan lived in your farm for a few weeks. I'd like to inform you that Logan has house full of love. He's fully enjoying his life. Logan is very friendly with people and other dogs. He loves to run and play. He is eager to be with my family all the time, and he prefers them from dogs. He doesn't like to be without our presence. Logan has a great temperament and he is well behaved- he's a boss in our house tho! He sleeps in bed since day one in our house (only under the duvet). Logan has been with us for two years, thus, we are going to organise a birthday party for him tomorrow. I would like to attached a few pictures of Logan.

Lucy's Happy Ending


Just to let you know that Lucy has settled in to her new home
Jason marr

Jackson's Happy Ending


Hello my name is silvana and I adopted Jackson from stray aid on february 4th. now

he is called Charlie Bear and he is the sweetest dog ever. Just wanted to let you
know that he is doing great he loves sleeping in my arms, loves playing with his
toys and walking in the park and im sending some pictures for you to post them.

Love, Silvana and Colin
Saracen's Happy Ending


Hello Stray Aid! I was called Saracen by your lovely staff when I was in the kennels but my new owners call me Bear instead: some say I look like a mean grizzly but they say I am really a giant teddy that loves nothing more than a huge cuddle! Appearances can be deceiving, I'm told, and not many people wanted to give me a chance – I bet they’re sorry now, when they read about how amazing I am.

I show I am grateful for my new home every morning, when I greet my new mam, at 6.30am, put my paws on her shoulders and give her a big lick, which you can see she loves, and then I get walks and hugs! Throwing some happy noises and grunts into the mix gets me extra attention too. As you can probably work out, my favourite trick is ‘paw’ because I am really rather good at begging for treats and cuddles and walks – whenever they stop petting me, - yes, the INSTANT they stop - the paw comes out, I do the clichéd sad puppy dog eye thing that I did OH so well in my Stray Aid photo and I get whatever I want! They’re a bit daft, these new owners – quite easy to manipulate. My new dad sometimes says I get spoiled WAY too much but I think I deserve treats! Look: paw. Yes, I know you didn’t ask for it, but it’s quite clearly time for treats.

Though I love to go out on walks twice a day, my legs get a bit stiff if it’s rained because I’m twelve, so I get yummy cod liver oil wrapped in a bit of cheese every day, and Denta-sticks for my poorly, chipped teeth, and I am running around like a bear half my age most days now! I can't wait for Winter though - it's bloody hot in this coat in this weather!

Just in case you think I am perfect (obviously, my owners think I am, and actually, I do too!), I do like to pretend that I am getting very tired on walks - the old man achy hip 'I am 12' routine - and then run off at high speed after the delicious looking bunnies in the park, dragging my lazy owners after me! They wanted to take me to training classes but I’ve convinced them I’m too old to learn anything besides ‘paw’ – haha! I’d also quite like to eat that cat next door - how rude that I’m not allowed to! - but I am good with other dogs and very nice with children and new people: what more do they want?!? Honestly.

You know, my new vet told me I was the nicest Akita he had EVER met with the nicest temper and by far the most gentle – and he’d been a vet for decades. ‘I can’t believe it!’ he said – and so I got a treat! I could get used to this.

They’re easily pleased, mind, these owners: they think I am very clever because I never bark, except when they take too long to fill my food bowl, and I never mess anywhere. I do love to collect newspapers from the recycling bin and hide them in my bed, though, but I look at them and think: that is tidying up, surely? Then they get the paw and the eyes, and they forget all about the dribbling. I'm a genius.

Anyway, I am very happy now and wanted to say hello! Actually, I had my eye on that beautiful Akita you rehomed today called Cilla, but dad said she was half my age and it’d be a scandal. Ah well. Treat?

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Back to school for Izzy and Lola!

Published 29/06/2017
  As part of our charity's awareness and promoting responsible ownership in line with Durham County Council's Civic Pride Team, we are asked by local schools and a variety of other groups to attend dates and deliver talks and engage with current owners and owners of the future. Recently we were asked to attend Sherburn Village Primary School where the children along with their tea...…read more

Persimmon Homes - Charity Community Champion

Published 13/06/2017
We are proud to publish a press release made by Persimmon Homes, Durham, who have supported our charity greatly this year as one of their Charity Community Champions.  Following visits by their staff to our centre to see the work that we do they have donated £4,000 which is absolutely amazing and very much appreciated by us all at Stray Aid. …read more


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