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Events - Charity Auction

Janet McDonagh and friends will be holding a charity auction at the Fox Cub, Spennymoor on Sunday 18th November from 7.30-10pm.
Approximately 40 new items will be up for auction including many suitable Christmas presents. Admission £5 which includes a buffet. So come along to this great fun night and grab yourself a bargain. If possible please pay and pre book prior to night. You can leave money at the Stray Aid office or pay into the Paypal account, advertised on the website, quoting "Charity Auction" as the reference. If you can't come along and would like to make a donation towards the evening this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Holly's Happy New Year!

Published 07/01/2019
So many of you have asked how Holly is doing since she was brought to the centre and many will remember the pictures that were published on her arrival. We will never know how anyone could cause such cruelty but we are so pleased to how she has responded to care and attention on a daily basis. Despite her road to recovery still in the early days she has become a very lovin...…read more

Holly's Story

Published 27/12/2018
Holly's Story. Holly (DU533-18) was found in Coundon, Bishop Auckland, just 5 days before Christmas. Her condition is possibly one of the worst we have ever seen, she could barely hold her own head up, she was unable to stand. We will likely never know her story before that day. Over the last 7 days we have worked hard to ensure Holly is warm and safe, our vet has worked closel...…read more


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