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News - Just An Hour

There are so many different ways that people help our charity. We were incredibly fortunate to have a visit recently from a team of dedicated volunteers from Northumbrian Water, joined by Seymour Civil Engineering and supported by Olivers Tree Services. When I say "team" I really mean it!

John Knowles, Technical Support Advisor from Northumbrian Water, visited our site recently on an un-related matter, took a look around and thought he could really make a difference. And he was right!! Our energy had been depleted with the day-to-day care of the dogs, and we just didn't have the time or resources to worry about the appearance of the site. We had branches and some dead trees strewn around, which had been left since before it came under Stray Aid's ownership.

On the 4th and 5th of May, the team arrived with an impressive selection of plant equipment. Each person and each piece of machinery played an important role in the site tidy. They got to work straight away, shredding and removing the piles of rotten branches and leaving a useful area where we can safely exercise our dogs. And the paint brushes were out too.

The team even made time to take some of our four-legged friends for a walk!

Here are some photos from an amazing couple of days.

Site tidy 1 Site tidy 2 Site tidy 3 Site tidy 4
Site tidy 5 Site tidy 7 Site tidy 8 Site tidy 9
Site tidy 10 Site tidy 11 Site tidy 12 Site tidy 13
Site tidy 14 Site tidy 15 Site tidy 16 Site tidy 17

So many wonderful people working together to make a better environment for our volunteers and our dogs! We simply can't thank you enough.


Wilson Vet Group


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