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Holly's Story

Published 27/12/2018
Holly's Story. Holly (DU533-18) was found in Coundon, Bishop Auckland, just 5 days before Christmas. Her condition is possibly one of the worst we have ever seen, she could barely hold her own head up, she was unable to stand. We will likely never know her story before that day. Over the last 7 days we have worked hard to ensure Holly is warm and safe, our vet has worked closel...…read more

Happy Christmas

Published 25/12/2018
Some of us are waking up to a hectic Christmas morning full of friends and family. More and more often, families are fragmented, with children spending Christmas with the in-laws or ex-partners. If you are having a quiet Christmas alone or with your usual company, I hope you are lucky enough to be sharing the day with a four-legged friend. The love and companionship that we get fro...…read more


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