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News - Holly's Story

Holly's Story.

Holly (DU533-18) was found in Coundon, Bishop Auckland, just 5 days before Christmas. 
Her condition is possibly one of the worst we have ever seen, she could barely hold her own head up, she was unable to stand. We will likely never know her story before that day.

Over the last 7 days we have worked hard to ensure Holly is warm and safe, our vet has worked closely to monitor her condition and ensure her organs are coping with the added nutrition they had been so desperately starved of.

While we know everyone would like to offer Holly a home she will need to wait until she is well enough to be spayed etc before we start looking for her forever home, so please send her well wishes and hold off on the offers for now.

Holly's story we're hoping will help fund our heating upgrade which we're now half way towards our target of £40,000 which means we will hopefully see the first upgrades taking place in the first weeks of January. 
If you can spare just £1 to ensure we are always able to provide warmth and security to these vulnerable strays please donate

Holly is now much better and brighter, so much so its difficult to get a photo of her as she's wagging her tail and trying to climb onto your lap! We're hoping the coming weeks will see quite the transformation in her condition 


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