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When dear little Poppy arrived at Stray Aid on 9th October 2018, we were so very worried about her. She was 15 years old, blind and deaf, and with a host of age-related problems, we knew that only a very special person would take her on. 

Thankfully she touched the heart of George who volunteers at our Blackhall charity shop, he came down and met her, and that was it! They fell in love and she went home with him. She seemed to get a new lease of life, and for a while she was a regular visitor at the shop, and accompanied George on a range of promotional events. 

Poppy with George receiving Support Adoption cheque

Everyone who met her fell in love with her, she was such an amazing old lady. Sadly her health deteriorated and today, Sunday 7th April, we heard the sad news that she had passed away.

These dogs touch our hearts. We are so grateful to George for giving Poppy such an amazing few months, and our thoughts are with him at this desperately sad time.


News - Sad news


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