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News - Stray Aid making Hot Dogs!

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As temperatures plummet again, you will be delighted to hear that our heating campaign has been a huge success! We didn't quite reach our target but we raised 77% of the total and the rest has come out of our emergency cash reserve. So to everyone who donated even the smallest amount, THANK YOU! We now have HOT DOGS!!

Photographed below is Laurence, the 3-legged lurcher who Stray Aid's vet operated on recently and our animal welfare assistants nursed back to health before transferring to another rescue, trying the radiators for size. The radiators have to be at a certain height, and then caged off incase the dogs pull them off the walls. The sleeping compartments now get as warm as toast. Laurence is assisting CEO John Bielby with his inspection. John has now had the pleasure of lighting the wood burning boiler, and the system is complete!

Laurence with JohnJohn lighting boiler

The 80 kW Angus Orlingo 200 wood gasification boiler has full MCS accreditation and is pre-approved with emmission certificate and has gained exemption under the Clean Air Act 1993. The Angus Gasification wood boiler is one of the best-selling boilers in the USA, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and will be a vital component in the soon-to-be-built green energy centre, when it will easily transfer out of its temporary home to take up its permanent position, providing renewable heating for the kennels for many years to come. It currently provides heat and hot water to 58 kennels, including the centre's vulnerable dog unit, which is now maintained at 21 degrees day and night, and takes elderly or injured animals, or pups straight off the dog warden's van and immediately into intensive care kennels already up to temperature and available at a moment's notice. Thank you so much for helping us get there! 

News - Stray Aid making Hot Dogs!


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