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Vet Diary - Hear 'Ear!

When we received a phone call from Middlesbrough council's holding kennels to say they had a dog with blood pouring from his head, we really did not know what to expect. As soon as we were contacted, we sent an animal ambulance out to collect him. The elderly terrier was brought straight to the veterinary clinic at our animale wlefare centre, where he was immediately assessed. He was in a collapsed condition, shocked, and caked in faeces and blood. The blood was coming from a large tumour which filled his ear canal. He also had a large tumour of his right testicle. He received a warm bath and pain relief, plus antibiotic for the infected tumour in his ear, and was immediately more comfortable.


Benji before bath Benji after bath

He was 13 years old and very frail, we were not sure if he would even survive a general anaesthetic, let alone whether or not our veterinary team could successfully remove the tumour. He was such a sweetheart, we knew we had to give it a try! Thankfully the tumour came out cleanly and he made an excellent recovery.

Benji ear tumour cleaned Benji during op Benji after op

And the best news is, the lovely lady who found him is going to give him his forever home! Another SAFE dog - Stray Aid For Ever!


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