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Vet Diary - A 3-Legged Race!

When the call came in that a lurcher was badly injured at the side of the road near Bishop Auckland one Sunday morning, presumed to have been run over, our Animal Ambulance attended straight away. A small crowd of people surrounded a beautiful Saluki, who was lying injured at the side of the road. It was obvious from a distance that her leg was badly injured, as her wrist was the size of a tennis ball and there was a "step" above it, where the wrist had moved in relation to the radius and ulna. Thankfully one of the people who had stopped to help her was in the process of applying a splint, using a piece of wood found at the scene. I hope the young man who was part of a small crowd watching, who stole our vehicle's emergency first aid kit from the back of the ambulance while we were busy attending to the injured dog was not too disappointed to find it did not contain the prescription drugs he was presumably hoping to find.

When the dog was further examined back at the charity's animal welfare centre, it became apparent that the leg could not be saved, as the ends of the radius and ulna that had been smashed off along with the wrist were too short to be re-attached. We stabilised the leg and made her as comfortable as possible for a few days as we tried to find her owner. We did take a phone call from someone claiming to be the owner, who basically told us that a 3-legged working dog was no use to him and hung up.

After waiting another few days incase the phone call was a hoax, but with no other owners coming forward, we made the decision to proceed with the amputation.

Tasha broken wrist Tasha showing broken bones Tasha post op

The operation was a complete success and Tasha adapted very quickly to life with 3 legs. She is being transferred to the Saluki Welfare Fund in Skipton on 26th October. They will make sure that she finds the best possible home.

Tasha dressing Tasha standing post op

We are very fortunate to have these facilities available to us. If you would like to help Stray Aids's animal welfare centre continue with the vital work it does, or if you could contribute towards replacing the stolen vehicle emergency first aid kit, please visit the Support Us page.


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