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Vet Diary - Please Get Help For Your Dog

We have talked before about the importance of seeking PROPER veterinary treatment for your dog. Here is an example of what can go wrong if you don't.

When this poor dog came to our centre as a stray, our animal welfare assistant was horrified to see that the skin around her eyes had dried forming thickened, dry “spectacles” which were rubbing on her eyes. The surface of her left eye in particular was dry and inflamed, with a “bruise” and cloudiness extending across it. There was a thick green discharge from the eye. If left untreated, she could have lost the sight in that eye, and possibly even the eye itself.

Our veterinary team were consulted and treatment was started straight away. She was given anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, and a soothing cream was applied to the surrounding skin.

After just a couple of weeks her eyes were much more comfortable - and she wouldn't hold still!

Our animal welfare team has been able to provide daily treatment for this dog over the 4 weeks she was with us, and she has now been moved on to another rescue centre. She is a good example of what can go wrong if you don’t seek prompt veterinary advice, and what can be achieved if the required resources are in place.

As you can see from this final photograph, her eye is now clear and moist (light is reflecting from the back in this photo so don't worry, it's not cloudy!), and the hair is growing back in the skin surrounding her eyes. This beautiful dog has now made a full recovery, and been transferred to another rehoming centre.

We need your help to continue the vital work we do, helping our stray dogs. If you would like to contribute towards vets fees, please visit the Support Us page of our website


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