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Vet Diary - Responsible Dog Ownership

Those of you who check our website regularly may have noticed the vast numbers of dogs being brought to us. Some days we have no dogs at all brought in, on other days we have several. I notice that on the 15th April we had 7 dogs brought in! Young, old, big and small. Some microchipped, some wearing collars but NONE of them wearing a collar and disc, which is actually required by law. I should just point out, having your pet microchipped does not give it the right to stray, it only makes it easier for us to let you know where the dog is. A collar and disc would tell a finder where the dog belongs, and it could be returned to you promptly, probably by the well-meaning member of the public who found your dog and called the warden in the first place! 

Here at Stray Aid Rescue Centre, Coxhoe, we are happy to microchip dogs free of charge, with chips kindly donated by Dogs Trust. Microchipping of dogs becomes compulsory in April 2016 so please ring 0300 9994247 and arrange to get your dog chipped in plenty of time.

It is an offence under the Control of Dogs Order 1992 for your dog to be in a public place without a collar and tag with the owner’s name and address on it, even when the owner is in charge of the dog.

Your dog may not “like” having a collar on, there are many different types so if it doesn’t like a leather collar then a lightweight nylon collar might suit better. If the disc or name tag keeps coming off, it is better (and cheaper in the long run) to pay a bit more for a good quality disc with a strong split ring, than have to pay for 3 or 4 cheaper ones, and a stay in a council pound!

If the dog keeps getting out, please try and work out how, and make every attempt to stop it. If it jumps over, or squeezes under, or gets through, your fence, it is probably a good time to mend the fence or at least not leave the dog unsupervised in the garden until you can get it repaired. The fact that a dog may be “always getting out, he knows his own way home/the neighbours just bring him back” etc. does not make allowances for your dog getting attacked by other dogs, getting run over, or being stolen and sold on. In addition, your dog may foul in the street, committing a further offence.

Please supervise your dogs at all times, and keep them safe from harm.


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