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Vet Diary - Tick Tock!

Here at Stray Aid, we get lots of 4-legged visitors. However, we were inundated with 8-legged visitors - TICKS!! 3 terriers were brought in last week, who had been living rough for a while, and they were literally COVERED with ticks! We took the biggest adults off straight away.


If one or two ticks are detected, it is OK to remove them. Please take great care, and use a proper "tick lifter", because if you just try to pull them out then you can easily leave the tick's head in, which will often become badly infected.

In this case, because there were literally dozens of ticks, in all stages of development, we applied Frontline, which kills ticks within 24-48 hours. Then our animal welfare team very carefully combed out all the dead ticks, pictured on the comb below. 

Ticks on comb

Please remember that if you find and remove a single tick on your pet, there could easily be more so please treat with an effective product straight away so that any smaller ones hidden away will be killed and drop off after a few days.

Not only do ticks cause discomfort to your pets, they also spread diseases, in particular Lyme disease, which can also affect humans. 

Please check your pets' coats regularly, you never know what you might find!


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