1. SEARCH. The best place to start your search, and keep up to date with dogs that are available for rehoming, is on our on-line rehoming gallery. All dogs that are ready for rehoming have their own web profile. Please visit each dog’s web profile and consider in particular the size and energy level of the dogs, cost of feeding, grooming and possible veterinary treatment/insurance before selecting dogs you would like to consider matching with.
  2. ASSESS. At this stage, our rehoming team may request additional information about your home, personal circumstances, and in some cases, health or mobility requirements, so that we are better able to advise you on an animal that you have selected to match with. You will be assessed to see whether your situation is going to best meet a particular dog’s, and you or your family’s, needs. Our rehoming team will look into the behaviour and background (if available) of the dog that you are interested in, to see whether they may be a suitable match for you. However, a lot of the dogs in our care arrive as strays, we have limited or inaccurate history and their behaviour cannot be guaranteed in any way. As a result, you must make the final decision as to whether a dog will be a suitable addition to your family. We will endeavour to guide you in deciding if your chosen dog may not be suitable to be rehomed with your family, taking into consideration observed behaviours in the kennels. Please see the legends on the dog’s profile for guidance. We cannot guarantee any animal seen on the website will be suitable for a prospective owner. A dog’s behaviour in kennels may be very different to how it behaves in a home environment so please be prepared to give your rescue dog the time and patience it needs to settle in. Sometimes the first dog that you pick won’t be the most suitable, so please keep an open mind regarding matches.