1. MEET. When a potential suitable match has been found, you will be able to meet the dog in a controlled and supervised environment.
  2. BOOK. Should you decide you wish to go ahead with the rehoming process, a £20 non-refundable booking fee can be made, to hold the dog for the next 7 days whilst the rehoming process is completed. This gives an opportunity for other members of the family, ie. children or other dogs to meet and see how they get on, and also to allow you to prepare your home, mending fences, acquiring bedding and appropriate feeding and grooming accessories, and to re-think your decision, to make sure that this is the right time, and the right dog, for you and your family. At this stage the rehoming process can be easily stopped, and we will hold your details on file for up to 6 months. This will allow you to pick the rehoming process up again, once you feel confident to go ahead and try again to match with another dog.