I can not find the words to say how thankful I am to the people at Stray Aid Coxhoe. We adopted Buttons a 4 year old Yorkshire terrier five weeks ago, following the death of my beloved Yorky Pup who was 15 but the name stuck. A old dog can not be replaced with a new one, every one is different I know, but it eases the pain. Buttons is fantastic. Thank you Stray Aid and thank you Gillian for you guidance.

George Peacock, Adopter

Today I met a little cheeky girl, Ember. Lots of kisses and cuddles were had but seriously – Stray Aid do so much for the lil lost and lonely pooches of this world. So, if you can spare a pound or know someone who can give a lil furball a home please contact Stray Aid!

Amanda Forsyth

I just wanted to say today I met some of the girls and boy who help to change the lives of hundreds of dogs via Strayaid. They were collecting outside of Pets at home in Bishop Auckland. I had been chatting and joking for a while and fussing the lovely Staffy’s when I saw it was Strayaid. My little boy Chico (was Hans) was looked after by Strayaid after I found him in my village emaciated and terrified wandering in the main road.
I can honestly say I have never met such warm and genuine people and while Dogs have angels like you watching over them the world id a better place x
A photo of little Chico on his first holiday to Wales looking out over the view from a Castle tower. How he has gone up in the world.

Kate Tattersdale

5 stars Wonderful, caring rescue, who put the dogs welfare first. Happy, hard working genuine staff, always willing to help.

Joan Roddam, Joan Roddam

I rehomed my lurcher Spook from here and I cannot say enough good things about the wonderful people who volunteer here. They are extremely dedicated, hugely helpful and really care about the dogs that come into them. They make the whole process so easy and I am extremely grateful to all of them. I would definitely rehome another dog from them and recommend them to anyone.

Rachael Turner

I re homed a little lurcher called tammy from here and she’s the best dog ever, the people are lovely and went out of their way to help the dogs find homes. You could really see how much they cared. It was lovely to see and Id recommend them to everyone looking for a dog

Lorna Hutchinson

I absolutely love Stray Aid. I saw Jake E. on your website and even though he was 11 years old at the time I fell in love with him. I did adopt him and was so pleased at how quickly he settled in. I had 2 other dogs at the time who were 12 and 13 years old so, Jake E was the youngster. He loved his toys. I doubt he had ever seen toys or knew how to play so for the next 5 years he played every single day and would always make me smile…and usually laugh. He ended up having so many health issues, including seizures, but the vets took wonderful care of him for me.He was always the bright spot in my day…right along with my other two. On May 6, 2015 Jake E’s health rapidly declined and by 6 AM he had crossed over that rainbow bridge where I know angels are being constantly entertained by him and love him as much as I do. I know there will come a time when I am reunited with Jake E as well as all my other much loved pets and I find so much comfort knowing that. Thank you so much Stray Aid for all your hard work. We who have adopted furbabies from you appreciate all you do!!

Cheryl Hamilton

Lovely place we got a lovely little jack russle settled in nicely got it a few toys he has his favorite already and he loves the livingroom rug 🙂

Tracy O’Connor

Great great charity helping dogs. We got Thor our bullmastiff fron them and he’s a wonderfull family member. Rehome a dog instead of getting a pup and Strayaid is the perfect place to adopt your new family member

Alan Dobson

I have not heard about Stray Aid until very recently. Since then I have met various people there and they deserve recognition for the job they do. All amazing, friendly and helpful. (Special thanks to Diane).

The animals they look after deserve the best out of life and with the help of Stray Aid their chances to achieve that are just that little bit better.

Silvia Gaberell

Hi I visited Stray Aid last week,
I met some of the dedicated staff and volunteers
and was able to view the dogs in the kennels too
They were all well looked after,
well fed,
Clean kennels,
Vet treatment if required,
and walked 2-3 times a day,
and staff fully dedicated to finding them the right homes
I donated food treats dog wear and handed in my collection tin
So if you are looking for a new dog please view or visit Stray Aid in coxhoe and give one of these dogs a new caring home
Thank you

Shirley Hull

We try 3 different kennels before going to stray aid. They are amazing. Over helpful, friendly, kind and willing to help. Let us meet all the dogs we were interest in, explained to them what we were after and the told us which dog suited us best. We left with a lovely staffie and I will happy recommend them to anyone.

Kimberley Hughes

5 star We got our baby boy from Stray Aid the carers are amazing they love and care for these dogs like if they there own.

Beryl Frazer Stockdale

5 star What a fantastic place. Thank you so much for your help with the little old boy this morning. Hope his owners are found soon xx

Sarah-Louise Johnson

5 star What a wonderful place!! They were the only ones who would help on a cold and snowy night and have absolute hearts of gold!! Will do all I can to support them in the future…..thank you so much xxxx

Jessica Lax

A small charity with a big heart, they are amazing people they will go that extra mile for a dogs welfare

Kath Robinson

Truly dedicated staff and volunteers, their devotion, love and care for dogs is exemplary. Love you Stray Aid

Zoe Clark

Hi if you are looking for a companion they have to lovely animals looking for loving homes. They are lovely people who really care and are very helpful. We adopted a beautiful staffie & you would think he has been part of our family for years.
Thankyou stray aid xxxx

Debbie Brown

Amazing hard working people
Me and my mum have had both are dogs from here and the dogs have always been happy and well kept

Tom Lee

What a wonderful place!! They were the only ones who would help on a cold and snowy night and have absolute hearts of gold!! Will do all I can to support them in the future…..thank you so much xxxx

Jessica Lax

Fantastic people and so glad to have visited here, took home my new best friend today. Than You folk’s.

Allan Mitchell

Amazing charity. Found my best friend here. Great people will help you find the perfect animal for your family. They genuinely care about the animals brought to them.

Diana Watson, Diana Watson

We found 2 dogs last night and these people were the only 1 who was willing to take them in a think these are brilliant big thank you xx

Jennifer Lugg, Jennifer Lugg

I don’t think Stray Aid are leaders in the stray dog world, I know they are. Wonderful, caring people. keep it up gang.

Julie Holland, Julie Holland

Do an absolute amazing job and went out there way to help me get my baby (tilly) home safe x

Charlotte Louise Fitzer, Charlotte Louise Fitzer

Thanks to stray aid I got a special little lady i can not thank everyone enough who looked after her (honey that is ) you are all very special people

Margaret Kirkwood, Margaret Kirkwood

These people are so dedicated to the dogs! We rehomed a staff called stella yesterday and she is amazing. We love her and love the thought that weve gave her a home! Thanks for all your help even though you were sad to see her go x

Melissa Rose McGrory, Melissa Rose McGrory

They are so committed and truly care about the dogs. Great cause and you can always ask for advice . xx Please support even if it’s just a re post . Every little bit helps . Thank you. A follower of a great cause. X

Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle

We adopted our Border Collie pup, Ryder from here about 6 weeks ago, and we cant imagine life without him. Fantastic charity and great people.

Allison Forth, Allison Forth

I’ve adopted a 12 month old German Shep (Zous) and a 12 month old Husky (Mia). Stray Aid take animals from the streets and help you make them forever family pets. Adopting a dog whatever age and background is not only rewarding for you but life changing for your new friend. This is not just an amazing charity. It’s a group of people who volunteer because they care about animals. For you it’s about bringing you a pet that’s right for your lifestyle. Take advice and help from experienced guys and work with your dog to make an amazing and satisfying future for you and your new pet. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This charity will give you all the help you need. The Stray Aid community care and offer advice. This is by far the No.1 in the North East to find forever homes for previously unwanted gorgeous animals.

Alan Gardner, Alan Gardner