In the last year Stray Aid’s running costs were approximately £1000 per day. In March 2020 and as a result of Covid-19, Stray Aid’s Income has been decimated as we support the government’s effort to control this pandemic.

Income raised by face-to-face fundraising activities such as store collections reduced to ZERO.

All short and medium term events such as our headline dog show scheduled for 31st May CANCELLED overnight, anticipated income from events reduced to ZERO.

Our 4 Charity shops run by Stray Aid Volunteers all closed now giving us a regular income of ZERO.

Our Hard working supporters and volunteers are now unable to help the Staff with essential activities and advice given by government on essential journeys has meant donations of food and bedding such as from these kind ladies has been reduced to near ZERO.

During this difficult time, the Charity’s overheads have remained essentially unchanged. Rents on shops must be paid as must our commercial loan, finance charges and insurance.


Our 4 partner local authorities are all doing a great job keeping essential services going for the public INCLUDING collecting stray dogs.

These dogs need food, warmth and often veterinary care, our welfare and veterinary teams are still working and will need to do so for the duration of the crisis BUT THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

As an Animal Charity, we get no direct government support and cannot access lottery funding, we rely entirely on income generated by our charitable activities, raised by our collections and events, from legacies and above all by your support.

For the charity to survive, we need financial support now more than ever. As our core costs still need to be met, with no income our reserves will be exhausted in the next 6 months.

In this time of crisis we urge you

PLEASE stay alert, control the virus, save lives, support Stray Aid

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