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Photo of Diesel
Diesel, 3 Years 6 Months old Staffie
Approx Age: 3 Years 6 MonthsSex: Male Neutered
Breed: StaffieDescription: Available for a £80 contribution
SIZE - Medium                                                              Could possibly live with dogs Cannot live with dogs

ENERGY - Medium

              Could possibly live with cats Cannot live with cats
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  • Staffies are highly intelligent, but they are also free thinkers who like to do things their own way. They need firm, patient, consistent training.
  • Because they may be aggressive toward unknown dogs, Staffies should not be walked off leash unless it is safe to do so.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers are energetic dogs who need a vigorous walk or play session daily.
  • SBTs enjoy their comforts and will readily join you on the sofa or bed if allowed.
  • Staffords shed little, although they may have a heavy shed once a year. They require weekly brushing to remove dead hair and keep their coat shiny.
  • The Stafford needs early socialization, especially if you want him to be friendly toward other animals.
  • The SBT is not recommended for a timid or first-time owner. This breed needs a confident trainer who is consistent and firm but also loving.
  • Staffords love to chew, especially during puppyhood. Provide them with tough, durable toys.
  • Staffords usually love children, but despite their nickname of "nanny dog," they should not double as a baby-sitter. Always supervise interactions between children and dogs.
  • If properly socialized and raised with them, Staffordshire Bull Terriers can do well with other dogs and animals. It is important to understand that some Staffordshire Bull Terriers will never do well with other animals and may need to live in single animal homes.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers have a strong prey drive which will send them after small animals around your neighborhood including cats.
    Could possibly live with young children

Cannot live with children. 



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Sad news

Published 07/04/2019
When dear little Poppy arrived at Stray Aid on 9th October 2018, we were so very worried about her. She was 15 years old, blind and deaf, and with a host of age-related problems, we knew that only a very special person would take her on.  Thankfully she touched the heart of George who volunteers at our Blackhall charity shop, he came down and met her, and that was it! They fell in...…read more

Stray Aid making Hot Dogs!

Published 10/03/2019
As temperatures plummet again, you will be delighted to hear that our heating campaign has been a huge success! We didn't quite reach our target but we raised 77% of the total and the rest has come out of our emergency cash reserve. So to everyone who donated even the smallest amount, THANK YOU! We now have HOT DOGS!! Photographed below is Laurence, the 3-legged lurcher who Stray...…read more


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